Bodacious Space Pirates Part 2 (uusi)

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Kuntoluokka: Uusi
Tyyppi: DVD
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Puhe: Japani, Englanti
Tekstitys: Englanti

Episodes 14-26 of the Japanese anime about the exploits of a high school student who embarks on a new life as a space pirate. As well as having to contend with a mystery virus that consigns her crew to the galleys, Marika, captain of the ‘Bentenmaru’, has to find out the person responsible for the destruction of a number of pirate ships and their crews. The episodes are: ‘Marika Goes Recruiting’, ‘Smuggling, Leaving Port, and a Leap’, ‘The Hakuoh Pirates’ First Job’, ‘A Surprising Client’, ‘We’ll Have Juice at the After Party’, ‘The Bonds Among the Four’, ‘Marika Rides the Waves’, ‘Final Battle at the Nebula Cup’, ‘Pirate Hunting’, ‘Head for the Pirate’s Nest’, ‘The Wounded Benten’, ‘Holding of the Pirate’s Council’ and ‘There Go the Pirates’.